Cabin with reflection

History of Kibbie Kabin Cabin Rental

Everyone asks us where the name Kibbie came from.  Kibbie was a small town just across the field from KibbieKabin Cabin Rental.  It flourished from around 1900 to 1935.  It grew into the town it became because of the Oil Boom.  Oil was discovered in the shallow Robinson sand and drilling was rampant all through this county.  Many wells were gushers that flowed above the derricks.  From this boom in the local economy, the town grew.  There was a barber shop, pool hall, bakery, blacksmith and other businesses including the Kibbie Store from which I got my roots and so comes the name KibbieKabin.  My grandfather, J.R. Randolph  bought the business and building along with his brother, Everett,  around 1900.  Then he built a new building in 1917 which still stands.  In 1924 he built the house which sits beside the store and it, too, remains.  The store sold everything from bolts to hats to food stuffs to hog rings.  The store thrived all through the depression and closed in 1935 with J.R.'s premature death.  KibbieKabin and my residence are situated on property which belonged to J.R., handed down through the generations.  The original cabin at KibbieKabin Cabin Rental built in January 2008 sits just a few yards from where J.R. ran his sawmill that cut much of the lumber in the store and house. The second cabin sits about 400 feet north of the other cabin and is out of its view in the warm months by all the foliage.  The third cabin sits right on the spot where JR cut thousands of board feet of native timber for local buyers.  South of this is the Reception Hall sitting on ground that JR cleared with his team of horses so he could graze his animals and plant corn. West of the cabins sat a "pumpers house" where the oil company employee lived with his family and took care of the oil wells and all of its operations. This spot of ground, saturated in family and local history, had  evolved back to its natural state.  Now it has been restored into a new community of buildings and activity.  The name Kibbie is being used in honor and recognition of my grandfather, whom I never knew, but have always idolized.  It is also in honor of all the folks that have worked here in the oil fields, in the crops, in the general store and all the other businesses that were here, to the people that have lost their lives to sustain our freedom, and to all that have worked so diligently to create the heritage that we now own.   I hope to keep JR's name alive with this ongoing project and continue his enterprising legacy.  My wife JeanAnn and myself (I am also J.R.) hope to have the opportunity to meet you, make you comfortable and provide you with a memorable stay at KibbieKabin Cabin Rental & Reception Hall!  Now, let's relax and have some fun!

   Kibbie Store 1917
       Inside the store 1918
 J.R. & Anna Wedding 1911 & Randolph Family 1923JR & Anna 1911 and the whole family 1923

House that sat in front of Buck Rub & Turkey Roost Pumper's "Shack" in front of Buck Rub Cabin & Turkey Roost Cabin in 1951

The Fitts Family  The Fitts Family, tenants of the Pumper's "Shack", 1951